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Ripley’s Aquarium Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium Canada

Tennis Master Series

Zombie Tycoon 2 Official Teaser

Wrath of the Titans - Mobile Game

Alexandre Jacob compositeur / Eric Vigneault arrangement

IMAX Explorer’s Club

Eric Vigneault 

Eric first strummed a guitar at age 15 and the event changed his life forever. Only four years later, he began teaching at CEGEP de Drummondville. His skills as a composer were soon revealed during his college years when he won several contests. In 1999, he devoted himself to composition and founded Multimediarts, a company specializing in he creation of all kinds of soundtracks. Eric was involved in hundreds of projects for leading companies including Avanti, Beenox, Cartoon Networks, Créo, Disney Interactive, Frimastudio, Ingénio, Loto-Québec, MegaBlocks, Microids, Radio-Canada, Sarbakan, THQ, Warner Brothers and many more, so he built a strong reputation in the video game musical composition world. Eric loves a challenge so when the opportunity arose to compose for Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, he dove in without hesitation. He still teaches guitar and composition at CEGEP de Drummondville.
                                                                                                   As he often says: “Life is good.”